VTM Nieuws | Role: Student who is followed by VTM News on the first schoolday under Corona code Yellow | VTM: 01/09/2020 08u 13u 19u
Filmfestival Oostende | Role: Presentation winner Ensor Award for best children's / youth film | Casino Kursaal Oostende 16/09/2016
K3 Aftershow met Jasper Publie | Role: questioner to BV | : VTM 13/9/2015 ¦ 19/09/2015 VTMKzoom: 16/09/2015 ¦ 18/09/2015-15u05


   De Kotmadam (S.24/Ep.2) | Role: child in Snoephuisje and living from Madame Jeanne and Jef | VTM: Season 24 | Broadcast: presumably 2021
   Centraal (TeleMovie) (S.1/Ep.02) Afua| Dutch Film for screening on Dutch Public Broadcasting TV (NPO 3) FFN NPO 3: 08/11/2019-21u25
   Occupied (Okkupert) (S.2/Ep.6) January | Role: football player in park (Paris) | CANVAS: 15/01/2019-23u55 | DVD
   De Kotmadam (S.23/Ep.1) De Maffia | Role: child in Snoephuisje with madame Jeanne en Mimi | VTM: Season 23 | Broadcast: 18/11/2018-19u50
   De Buurtpolitie (S.10/Ep.28) Waterballon | Role: character Jonas: boy throwing water balloons on passing cars | VTM: 10/10/2018 ¦ 11/10/2018
   De Buurtpolitie (S.8/Ep.7) Autokerkhof | Role: character Nick: caught in the act and suspected of burglary | VTM: 05/09/2017 ¦ 06/09/2017
   De Buurtpolitie (S.7/Ep.52) Lions Club | Role: character Sebastien: son of wealthy but seriously fraudulent parents | VTM: 11/04/2017 ¦ 27/04/2020
   The Missing (S.2) | Role: very happy child of Military (Military kid of happy family) | BBC One Starz | één: - 27/12/2016 | DVD
   Professor T.(S.2/Afl.1) Cuberdons | Role: child at the candy table with poisonous cuberdons at a birthday party één: 04/09/2016
   De Zoon van Artan (S.1/Ep.2) Het Geheim van de Bosgeest | Role: Son of Toon in burning house | AVROTROS Ketnet: 21/12/2015 DVD
   De Zoon van Artan (S.1/Ep.8) Voor Artan | Role: only son of farmer Toon | AVROTROS (NPO 3/ZAPP) Ketnet: 29/12/2015 | DVD
   De Buurtpolitie (S.4/Ep.44) Het spook | Role: child unjustly accused of threatening letters and vandalism | VTM: 12/11/2015-18u20 ¦ 26/01/2018
   Vlaamse Streken (S.1/Ep.1) Consumption Sketch | Role: student from class Roel Vanderstukken | VTM: 01/04/2015-20u35 ¦ 06/04/2015-23u30
   Vlaamse Streken (S.1/Ep.2) Students Sketch | Role: student from class by Roel Vanderstukken | VTM: 08/04/2015-20u35 ¦ 13/04/2015-23u30
   Vlaamse Streken (S.1/Ep.7) Frituur Sketch | Role: student from class by Roel Vanderstukken | VTM: 13/05/2015-20u35 ¦ 18/05/2015-23u30
   Goud van Brabant (S.2) Vincent van Gogh (Docu/Videoclip) | Rol: brother of Vincent van Gogh | Omroep Brabant: 02/11/2019-18u
   Hoe Zal Ik Het Zeggen (S.2) Intro | Role: Boy with cap that draws on the poster of Jens with a marker | VTM: from 19 november 2018-20u35
   Jonas & Van Geel (S.2/Ep.9) Schuif Af | Role: questioner to BV at Schuif Af reunion with Ingeborg, Arthur and Bartje. | VTM: 04/10/2016-20u35
   De Sterrenstudio (S.1/Ep.13) | Role: Team captain/Star captain in a musical quiz | Studio 100 TV: za 16/04/2016-08u05
   De Ideale Wereld (S.5/Afl.11) FC De Kampioenen merchandising Sketch | Role: not drinking child with beer bottle | VIER: 16/09/2015-22u05
   Jo en kip Curry (S.1/Ep.1-12) 12 episodes acted public | Role: Enthusiastic child in the audience | VTMKzoom: 19/02/2015-17u05 (12 weeks)
   Figuration only: | Program announcement De Zoon van Artan Ketnet | Cocktail Groene Rand RingTV


   Zombies from Sector 9 (Terrorvisions productions) | Horror Movie | Role: Wales Bookwalker, son of zombie killer Bookwalker | DVD
   Behind The Trees (Goodiprovisions) | Fairy tale movie | Role: fairytale figure Hans (from Hans en Grietje) | DVD Release: 02/09/2016
   Loewie (Penthouse and Global Productions) | Role: childhood friend of the blind man during his Flashback | Cinema Premiere: 28/10/2016 DVD
   Sprite Sisters (Vier zauberhafte Schwestern/Four Enchanted Sisters) (Disney Production) | Karate Kid | Cinema 2020 | DVD
   Domino (Brian De Palma) | Role: Danish boy (playing in front of the apartment building entry) | Cinema | DVD
   Baba Yega The Movie (Geronimo) First Movie of dance group | Role: victim of Grieg and Cordelia Zen | Cinema 2018 | TV | DVD
   Isra en het Magische Boek (Isra ve Sihirli Kitap) | Role: friend and class mate of Isra | Cinema 2016 | TV | DVD
   Figuration: | Rosie & Moussa (CAVIAR) Role: playing school child on the playground | Cinema 04/04/2018 | TV | DVD 23/11/2018

   Dismembered [23'] Terrorvisions productions | Horror | one-armed child | a prologue to NECRO aka House of The Rotting Flesh-ACT2 | 2020
   Onbereikbaar [5'] KASK | Fiction | Main role: Character: Vic: ran away from home with his sister Emilia, but after a while Vic gets remorse | 2020
   Message Before The Tone [14'] BUAS | Genre: Thriller | Character: Joey, boy in hospital (Intensive Care) after an failed organ transplantasion 2019
   Superheld [4'] Luca-NARAFI | Genre: Fictie | Main role: Character: Billy: young bullied student who receives help from Batman via a comic book | 2019
   SUB-ZERO Trailer Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht | Genre: Drama | son of family who try to survive during an ice age and where their shelter burns out 2018
   #Real Friends [24'] Nj Shortmovies | Genre: Fiction | Main role: Thijs: A boy who is being bullied at his new school but reacted in a possitive way|2018
   One Shot [5'] 008Productions | NHTV | Genre: Fiction (Gun ownership at home) | Main role: Bram: get's accidentally shot by his brother 2018
   Kiezen is verliezen [5'] | Regie: Henry Leyman | RITCS | Genre: Fictie | Main role: Noah: Only child of a family that suddenly separates | 2017
   Home Sweet Home [7'] Regie: Simon Crabbe | RITCS | Genre: Fictie | Main role: Only child of a family with an alcohol addict mother | 2017
   Angelboi: [6'] Regie: Falkowski | RITCS | Genre: Fiction | Character: Never, the young version of Angelboi and the personification of innocence | 2017
   Soulmate: [3'] Regie: Sven De Gieter | S&S Productions Belgium | Genre: Fiction | Main role: Soulmate during the youth of the old man | 2017
   Het Bosmeisje [3'] Regie: Ines Permentiers | Luca - Campus NARAFI | Genre: Horror | Main role: A child who happens to be in the forest | 2016
   Figuration: Wolvenvacht (Luca) | Tweestrijd (Luca) | We live here (KASK) | Gasboetes (Thomas More) | Het adres (Luca/Sint-Lukas)

Videoclips :
   Kapeta - Mayweather (HipHop) Role: young boxing fan of box legend Mayweather who starts with boxing lessons and meets his biggest rival | 2020
   Anouk en Nienke - Vincent the life of art painter Vincent van Gogh (Anouk Vrakkig and Nienke Eijkens) Role: brother of Vincent van Gogh | 2019
   Mark With A K - Darkside (Refix 2018) Tomorrowland DJ (House) | Video by The apPARTYment | Role: inattentive student in mathematics class | 2018
   De Buurtpolitie - Human (Christina Perri) fragments from De Buurtpolitie | Video by Team Buurtpolitie | Role: running away boy (Nick, Sebastien & Jonas)
   Soundtrack from the Movie Behind The Trees Role: Hans (from Hans & Grietje) as a drummer in the fairy-tale band (with Peter Wolf & Repelsteeltje) 2016
   S&S Christmas special Short Movie on the music of Mariah Carey (All I want for Christmas is You) | Role: Favorite grandchild of sad grandfather | 2016
   Videoclip Figuration: Iedereen brullie (Ketnet Move/Brul tegen pesten 2016) with Sien Wynants & William Boeva | Role: Coole Brullie in school class | 2015


   NMBS/SNCB [30"] NMBS/SNCB Belgian Train Campaign (We wensen u een aangename reis) | Role: Scouts member on their way to a scouts camp | 2020
   Vanden Borre [20"] commercial electronic store chain (Momenten die er echt toe doen) | Role: boy brushing his teeth on a revolving hooverboard | 2019
   Engie [5"] | TV Brand Campaign for the energy supplier Engie (Move-on UP for Zero Carbon) | Role: dancing student in the school basketball square | 2020
   Vanden Borre [30"] commercial electronic store chain (Momenten die er echt toe doen) | Role: boy brushing his teeth on a revolving hooverboard | 2019
   Vlaams Parlement Bezoekerscentrum [1'] (campaign on Vlaams Parlement TV and Social Media) | Role: student with yellow ball in the classroom | 2018
   Vanden Borre [30"] commercial electronic store chain (Momenten die er echt toe doen) | Role: boy brushing his teeth on a revolving hooverboard | 2018
   Engie [45"] | TV commercial for energy supplier Engie (Move-on UP to smarter energy) | Role: dancing student in the schoolyard & basketball square | 2018
   Vanden Borre [30"] commercial electronic store chain (Momenten die er echt toe doen) | Role: boy brushing his teeth on a revolving hooverboard | 2018
   Brussels Airport Company - AG Insurance [30"] (New Impact | Memorial Van Damme 2016) | Role: youthful runner
   Dancing with KIM [3'09"] (Wonder media | Demo for trade fairs: acting/dancing for green screen with an animation dance instructor) | Role: dancer
   Ivarem [1'24"] (sorting campaign on www.ivarem.be) | Role: member of clearance team
Folder & On-line: Figuration for Fotoshoot
   Dreamland folder Fotoshoot: Folder & web (www.dreamland.be) | Een duivels feestje | Role: footballer & Red Devils supporter | 2018

   Dreamland folder Fotoshoot: Folder & web (www.dreamland.be) | Helden van carnaval | Role: plumber Luigi (brother of Mario) | 2017


   Musical: De Gelaarsde Kat | Efteling children's musical | Performance: Stadsschouwburg Antwerpen during the Spring break 2018 | DVD
   Musical: Pinokkio | Efteling children's musical | Rehearsal: Efteling Theater | Performance: Capitole Gent during the Spring break 2017 | DVD
   Musical: Sprookjesboom Muziekfeest | Efteling children's musical | Performance: Stadsschouwburg Antwerpen during the Spring break 2016 | DVD
   Musical: Pieter en zijn vriendjes | Celia children's musical | Role (double): Indian and Pirate | Performance during the Autumn holidays 2015
   Concert: Christmas concert with Peter Pan songs | Celia children's musical / Sint Cecilia Fanfare | Performance: 17/12/2015-20u30
   Concert: Peter Pan songs with the cast of Pieter en zijn vriendjes | Celia children's musical | Performance: 09/05/2015-15u

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